My Tools of the Trade


Since starting photography, I've used a few different cameras and lenses and other accessories, but have found my current set-up to be the most compact, efficient, user-friendly and with excellent image quality.  And that set-up is from Fujifilm.

-  Fujifilm X-T2 body

-  Fujifilm XF 50-140mm f2.8 - Fabulous telephoto lens, fantastic for portraits.

-  Fujifilm XF 23mm f2 lens - an excellent portrait and general purpose lens, beautifully rendered images.

-  Fujifilm XF 56mm f1.2 lens - my favourite telephoto portrait lens, I absolutely love the quality of this lens, both build and the images it renders; it's just stunning in my personal opinion :)


I use both natural and studio light for my images.  Currently, I use the Godox AD200 Flash which is great for on location work.  It uses a rechargeable battery which lasts for up to 500 full-powered flashes and works great with the Godox X-Pro F Trigger.  Eventually I'll add either another AD200 or the AD600 Pro flash.  I also use a Profoto Parabolic Umbrella with diffuser and also a shoot through umbrella.  I love these both for the different types of lighting scenarios.


I previously used both Nikon and Canon, but due to health issues, the weight of their cameras were becoming an issue for me.  I then found out about Fujifilm and although not full-frame, I found the camera and the results it produced to be fantastic, I really love it!  There are of course pros and cons for both APS-C and Full Frame, but for me, APS-C doesn't prove a problem for me at all.  I've also loved using Nikon and Canon too, especially the Nikon D3, an oldie but a goodie, but again the weight was proving too much for me and I couldn't imagine not doing the thing I love and enjoy the most, photography.  So, a change was required and hence Fujifilm - it's light, stylish and is up to the task, just what I want and need.  It's true that it's not necessarily the gear that you choose to use, its what you're capable of producing that matters.