Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions pet parents have when it comes to having their fur babies photographed professionally, all of them completely understandable!

So, I thought I would list the most frequently asked questions I’ve received and hopefully help pet parents out there understand the process.

Okay, so here we go…

  1. “My cat/dog is really shy/scared of strangers and I’m afraid that you won’t get any photos of them”.

    Valid concern, but I have found that, particularly with cats, that if you’re there with them and soothing them, it tends to help them relax and come out of their shell. I always approach animals very quietly and gently and let them come to me first. They are free to sniff me, my gear, anything so that they can become familiar with me and the gear I use. Also, another tactic that can help cats to calm down and relax is Feliways, it comes in spray form or as a plug-in and replicates the pheromones that cat’s mothers used to emit which helped kittens bond with their mothers, it’s very calming for them. For both cats and dogs, their favourite toys, blankets or treats can also assist in relaxing and calming them down.

  2. “Do we come to you or do you come to me?”

    At this stage, I come to you. I find this especially helpful for cats as they tend not be that keen on travelling outside of their comfort zone. Dogs are a little more accepting in this regard. At home sessions or out at their favourite outdoor spot, or both, are easier for dogs, usually! I’m based on the Mornington Peninsula and can travel the Melbourne CBD and the South East and of course the Mornington Peninsula.

  3. “How would you get the animals attention?”

    Three things I have found that work…treats, toys and sounds, like weird sounds! If it gets the shot, then I am willing to make a goof of myself with weird sounds :D

  4. “Do you bring any kind of photography backdrops/props/lighting with you?”

    Absolutely, I have a few different backdrops I use with a backdrop stand, a studio light, light stand, light modifier and of course my camera gear. I can bring some small props like baskets, flowers (false) or little stools too if you like for a bit of interest. The set up is very minimal and takes up very little space.

  5. “How do I view the images once the session is over?”

    Once the session is complete, all images will be sorted through by me and the best ones will be selected and uploaded to an online gallery for you to peruse and select. From here, you can select the images you wish to order.