Introducing the new session for #Instapets

Hello, hello, back again for another blog, this time it’s to do with a newly introduced session called the #Instapet session. I was going through my instagram the other day and I follow quite a few furbabies on their and thought, I would love for these meowdels to have access to professional head shots for their instagram account, you never know if they may get contacted by a meowdelling agency for some work! So, the #Instapet session was born. It’s a nice and simple package, a one hour session, with 5 retouched professional images on a high quality keepsake USB. Bam, done! For pricing, do head to the ‘Pricing’ page for more information :)

Put your pets best paw forward and let ‘em shine bright!

Have a good one all

The Cat Lovers Show 2018

Well, my goodness, what a fantastic turn out the very first Cat Lovers Show - Melbourne in 2018! This was my business debut if you will and it far exceeded my expectations, I mean knew that there would be a lot of people attending, but WOW! Not just the interest in my little business (thanks to those of you who dropped in to say g’day or made enquiries or a booking btw :) ) but the exhibitors that I encountered and had a quick chat to, all seemed like really lovely people and made the show that much more enjoyable.

Of course there were some teething problems, but that’s to be expected of course at a very first show of this kind and I’m really looking forward to seeing the improvements for next years show!

I must say that I was incredibly nervous and anxious at what the show would hold, but my nerves and anxiety was quickly put to rest with those exhibitors that encapsulated my stand, lots of laughs, and reassurance; I felt very lucky indeed. (I’m looking at you Oscar & Rufus and Alkala Bengals Australia :D) If I have these guys next to me again next year, I wouldn’t mind one bit.

I had a wonderful assistant, my good friend, Lisa, to help out too which of course just made it that much easier and ran so much smoother, so a big THANK YOU LISA!! You rock lady :)

I think I’m prattling on a bit now, but look essentially, would I recommend the Cat Lovers Show to any prospective exhibitors that have a love of all things cat, the answer: Absolutely! Wonderful location, great people, great everything (in my opinion of course).

Hope to see you next year in 2019…pop it in the diary, I have already!